Your representative at airports in Ukraine

Founded in 2006, the company Challenge Aeroport has established itself as an energetic and reliable company that specializes in integrated ground handling of aircraft, crews and passengers. The company's headquarters located at the International airport "Kiev" (Zhulyany), where established an independent base for operational ground handling (FBO).


Flight operation department:


–  Overflight & landing permit;
– Slot coordination;
– Crew briefing;
– Aircraft management.


Ground handling:


– Supervision;
–  Ramp handling (Towing, De/Anti-icing, toilet service; water service; ground power unit);
– Technical assistance;
– Oxygen service;
– Nitrogen service;
– Fueling (direct contract with fuel supplier);
– Interior cleaning;
– Exterior cleaning;
– Catering delivery;
– Crew city transfer;
– Hotel accommodation (special corporate rates).


Passenger handling:


– Arrangements of VIP / Business terminal;
– Limousine service;
– Passenger check-in;
– Passenger apron transportation;
– Baggage handling.